We are a specialized industrial flooring contractor focusing on quality workmanship, based out of Winnipeg, MB but serving all regions of Canada.


TC Floors is a certified Level Master Elite Installer of Ardex Products and as such, are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction on our work and offering 10-25 year warranties.

What Sets Us Apart

TC Concrete Floors West is one of the few surface preparation companies in Canada that installs Ardex’s products with a “Level Master Elite” warranty, a 10 year extended warranty. This certification has been earned by achieving some significant benchmarks in the industry.

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installing and pouring a significant amount of self leveller to exacting specifications across Canada, all with 10 year warranties

installing extremely technical specified floors (f-min 80 floors) that very few North American companies have achieved.

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Second, we have installed some of the most beautiful and technically difficult resinous (epoxy) floors in Canada. From 100,000 sf slabs of traffic membrane to 50,000 sf slabs of trowel down polyurethane concrete we have the experience you can rely on for a perfect and cost effective installation

Third, we are an industry leader in polishing concrete, concrete toppings and Terrazo. Our resume is extensive with creative solutions using dyes, grouting materials and aggregates to produce imaginative , beautiful and higly durable floors.

Lastly, our long list of supplier certifications removes any doubt that we are a valued partner in the industrial flooring trade in Canada. Certifications:

Ardex Level Master Elite

Yeilding 10 year warranty's on underlayment's and toppings and 25 year warranty's on moisture control

Flowcrete Star Installer

CTS Cement TRU PC certified installer

Allied Gypsum certified Installer

Sase Polishing System Certified

We pride ourselves in having the tools, experience and suppliers that can provide solutions to flatwork/concrete problems that others simply cannot.


Enjoy the expertise of one of the top industrial flooring companies in the country. TC Floors West has been aptly recognized among the best of the best, meeting significant benchmarks within the industry to prove it. Only a handful of companies on the continent can boast a successful installation with the same technical specifications.

Clients can enjoy the benefits of more than twenty years of experience from owner Michael Rosenblat. The experience of TC Floors West’s primary owner plays a huge role in allowing them to come up with the necessary solutions to any industrial flooring items.

What Solutions Does TC Floors West Offer?

The leading cause of flooring failure (any type) is improper surface prep. From not removing old adhesive/ mastics, to improper surface profile TC Floors West is highly experienced in proper and efficient surface prep

  • Shot-blasting: We have a selection of very powerful electric shot-blasting equipment. Years of experience has allowed us to hone our skills and deliver exactly the solution your project requires. This form of surface prep is ideal for:
  • Profiling Concrete: From mild profiles for levellers and coatings to (CSP 1-3) to aggressive (CSP 4-7) for screed mortars and thicker coating.
    Coating removal: Several forms of coatings are best suited to be removed by shot-blasting. Our 20 hp blasters are very capable to remove even the toughest coatings in a very efficient and timely manner.
  • Grinding: We have a wide selection of various grinders to suit your project.
  • Profiling Concrete: Diamond grinding has been one of the most popular ways to prepare concrete, both new and old, for various forms of flooring. Many diamond profiles are available to suit your requirements.
  • Flattening Floors: Professionalism and experience goes along way! Our powerful grinders can be strategically used to remove high spots and blend in your new or old floor in preparation of new flooring.
  • Adhesive Removal: One of the most efficient solutions for removing sticky mastics and glues. We have a wide assortment of diamonds to suit your specific requirements.
  • Planing and Scarifying: TC Floors West, Inc. has a very unique assortment of 480 volt equipment designed to remove concrete in a very fast manner. When project schedules do not allow for grinding, planning/scarifying is a fantastic option to remove high spots or overall high amounts of concrete.
  • Ride-on Floor Stripper: This unique battery operated piece of equipment allows us to strip up to 15,000 sf of flooring a day.

Self Levelling Toppings & Underlayments

Have you selected the perfect flooring but it has a seemingly impossible specification for your subfloor levelness? They can level a subfloor to meet a 1/8” in 10’ standard set by most flooring manufacturers and required for maintaining a warranty. Utilizing Ardex’s self-levelling compounds, your project will have a 10-year extended warranty that also gives your new flooring the right environment to succeed.

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Polished Concrete & Toppings

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Make the most of the natural beauty of concrete with a cost-effective polished concrete surface. They have a wide selection of grinders, polishers, and burnishers to help bring together all of your design dreams at a price that’s right for you.

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Epoxy Flooring (Epoxy Installers)

Allow the experts to help you and your business decide on the right type of resin for your new floor. With hundreds of thousands of square feet under their belt, they can help you weigh all of the options when it comes to epoxy, polyurethane, cementitious urethanes, and other top choices.

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Moisture Remediation

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Is your concrete slab emitting too much moisture for your flooring to be successful? Moisture vapor emission problems continue to be one of the costliest issues in flooring failure today. Fast tracked projects are the leading cause of failures caused by moisture which are on the rise, and so is the cost to remedy them. Take the preventative steps necessary by correcting moisture problems swiftly. Even better, TC Floors West can give you a warranty for up to 25 years.

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Interior/Exterior Concrete Repair

We are specialists in all forms of structural concrete repair; from the full removal of concrete slabs and replacements, to micro toppings for resurfacing.  Key to the right solution for your particular problem is our experience and the right equipment.  Our deep resume and experience is concrete related problems will allow us to map out your issues and do cost/benefit analysis to remediation.

Our Tools

  • 480 volt electric concrete planers and scarifiers
  • 480 volt electric slab saws, capable of 16” deep cuts
  • Hydraulic demolition equipment
  • Various mortar mixers and pumps.

We have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of resinous flooring and have the experience that you can count on to deliver the right solution, for the right budget.

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Accucrete Gypsum Underlayments

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Give your underlayment the strength of regular concrete on a lower budget with gypsum underlayment. Products from Allied Gypsum, like Accucrete, give you the benefits of a self-sealing gypsum underlayment that maintains a 4500 PSI strength with faster dry times and improved flatness. They can perform a volume-oriented service with their gypsum underlayment because they own the equipment that makes them capable of pumping for extreme distances and output.

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F-Min Flooring & Grinding

Thousands of square feet worth of flooring have already been installed and corrected to the most stringent standard – an F-Min 80. The best techniques and equipment are at TC Floors West’s disposal in order to make your industrial flooring meet the necessary levelness requirements.

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