Polished Concrete Topping: Republic Architecture

Using a long list of unique tooling and techniques; we had the pleasure of installing this stunning floor.  Using Ardex PCT and large terrazzo stone; the matrix is hand troweled to 1/2” height and polished the next day.  We take tremendous pride in being able to deliver floors such as this and the attention to detail speaks for itself. The final results are both stunning and will last the lifetime of this building with very little maintenance.   


Epoxy Flooring: Traffic Membrane at the new Manitoba Clinic

TC Floors West was chosen by PCL Construction to install over 50,000 square feet ofpolyurethane traffic membrane at the new Manitoba Clinic.  The product chosen was Flowcrete Deckshield ID.  Various thicknesses and aggregate profiles were used to match the varying amount of traffic the parking deck would receive; as well as heavy duty ramp systems.


Resinous Flooring: GM Dealership in Estevan, SK

This existing concrete floor needed to be protected for its new purpose of accepting car traffic and various chemicals.  The 25,000 square feet of product we installed was a traffic membrane by Flowcrete called Deckshield ID (www.flowcreteamericas.com).

This economical coating provides a thicker membrane that enhances its waterproofing and abrasion resistance compared to epoxy coatings at the same price point. 

As typical with any resinous flooring, surface prep is the key.  We used a combination of shotblasting and grinding to remove old coatings and mastics; as well, to provide the necessary profile for the coatings to adhere to.

Polished Concrete/Concrete Repair: Remai Art Gallery

We were tasked with a difficult task; repair millions of small popouts in a brand new slab and polish for the soon to be opened Remai Art gallery in Saskatoon.

We color matched the repair material and troweled every square inch of the slab.  We then polished a salt and pepper cut up to a 400 grit sheen.

millions of small pop outs were thorough out the starting point of the slabs

millions of small pop outs were thorough out the starting point of the slabs