Polished Toppings

Polishable toppings are one of the most beautiful, natural, and cost effective forms of flooring today. At TC Floors West, we have a variety of grinders, polishers and burnishers to bring your concrete visions to life.

  • Process: We pour the topping at an average thickness of 3/8" to 1/2" thick and let cure for 24 hours.  Grinders mechanically polish to seal the pores in the topping. The depth of cut is what makes polishable toppings unique, since only a light cut is required to reveal the consistent appearance on the topping ( as opposed to concrete where this variable is dependant on : finishing technique, mix design and hardness of concrete. Densification is an important part of this process as it prepares your new or old floor for the rest of the process. Finally, polishing specific sealers are applied and burnished to inhibit penetration of water, oil and other contaminants.

Polishable toppings are unique from the aspect that regardless of grinder cuts, the surface result is very consistent in its appearance. Possibilities are endless with a variety of colours, stains and aggregate seeding choices.